Suggested bassoon recordings....

This list... is by no means an end, and all of the items are easy to find. Stalk your used record shops, libraries, garage sales, and CD sales on line and you'll find things. The record company is listed in dark red. More often than not these can be found. With a little time spent you can get results. After all...Harvey PeKar found his gems.

Many times a student will learn a Vivaldi solo...and it's really perfect.

  BUT...Since I come from being a jazz player first I note with great interest the amount of variation a soloist can make via dynamics, fingerings, slurs and articulations. Creativity is of the ultimate interest to well as personal skill. I hope this list assists you to cross reference compositions as well as find some players that need your attention. Enjoy. 


~~ Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, and I MUSICI. PHILIPS 6500919 (LP).

      1: A Vivaldi              Concerto E minor RV 484

      2:                        Concerto A minor RV 498

      3:                        Concerto F major RV 489

      4:                        Concerto B flat major RV 502


 ~~ Robert Thompson, bassoon, and London Symphony Orchestra.
Chandos ABRD 1033 (LP).

      1: J Downey               Fantasy for bassoon and orchestra

      2: G Jacob                Concerto for bassoon and orchestra

      3: J Andriessen           Concertino for bassoon and windensemble

  ~~>  George Zukermann, bassoon, and Württemberg Chamber Orchestra, J Faerber. Turnabout TV 34039S (LP)

      1: C M von Weber          Concerto F major op.75

      2:Andante e Rondo Ungarese op.35 (JWV 79)

      3: W A Mozart             Concerto B major KV 191


 ~~>  George Zukermann, bassoon, and Württemberg Chamber Orchestra, J Faerber. FSM 73002 (LP).

      1: J C Bach               Concerto E flat major

      2: J G Graun              Concerto B flat major

      3: C Stamitz              Concerto F major

      4: J N Hummel             Concerto Fmajor


 ~~>  Milan Turkovic, bassoon, and Bamberger Symfoniker, H-M Schneidt.

Deutsche Grammophon 2530270 (LP)

    1: W A Mozart            Concerto B flat major KV 191

    2: J A Kozeluh            Concerto C major

    3: C M von Weber        Concerto F major op.75


 ~~> Manfred Sax, bassoon, and Köln Chamber Orchestra, H Müller-Brühl. Schwann VMS 813 (LP).

      1: F Devienne           Concerto B flat major

      2: F Danzi                Concerto F major


 ~~>  George Zukermann, bassoon, and Württemberg Chamber Orchestra, J Faerber.

Turnabout TV 34304 (LP).

      1: J B de Boismortier     Concerto D major

      2: F Couperin             Concerto for 2 bassoons

      3: F Devienne             Quartet for bassoon and Strings op.73

      4: M Corrette             Le Phenix


 ~~>  Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, and I Musici. PHILIPS 416355-1 (LP).

      1: A Vivaldi              Concerto F major RV 485

      2:                        Concerto B flat major RV 503

      3:                        Concerto E flat major RV 483

      4:                        Concerto A minor RV 497

      5:                        Concerto C major RV 473

      6:                        Concerto G major RV 492


 ~~>  Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, T Zehetmair, violin, T Zimmermann, viola, and C Henkel, cello. Claves 50-8714 (LP).

      1: F Devienne             Quartet op.73:1

      2:                        Duo for bassoon and cello op.3:1

      3:                        Quartet op.73:2

      4:                        Duo for bassoon and cello op.3:4

      5:                        Quartet op.73:3


 ~~>  James Jeter, bassoon, and B Hess, piano. CRYSTAL RECORDS S 343 (LP).

      1: E Wolf-Ferrari         Suite-Concertino F major op.16

      2: R Glière               Impromptu op.35:9

      3:                        Humoresque op.35:8

      7: C M von Weber          Andante e Rondo Ungarese op.35 (JWV 79)


 ~~>  Christopher Weait, bassoon,  M Kerneman, violin, M Barstow,  cello, and G Brough, harpsichord. Lyrichord LLST 7277 (LP).

      1: P F Boddecker          Sonata sopra "la Monica" for bassoon, violin

                                and B.c.

      2: J B de Boismortier     Sonata for bassoon and cello D minor op.40:1

      3: F R Gebauer            Trio for bassoon, violin and cello op.33:3 

      4: C Weait                Variations for bassoon (1972)


 ~~> Joseph Polisi, bassoon, and T Schmidt, piano.


      1: H Villa-Lobos          Ciranda das Sete Notas


 ~~>  Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, Stephen Orton, cello, and Academy of  St Martin in the Fields, N Marriner. PHILIPS 422390-2 (CD).

      2: W A Mozart             Sonata for bassoon and cello B flat major

                                KV 292

      3:                        Konsert B flat major KV 191


 ~~>  Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, and Köln Chamber Orchestra, H Müller-Brühl. Koch Schwann 316019 F1 (CD).

      2: J C Bach               Concerto E major


~~>  Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, and I Musici. PHILIPS 432124-2 (CD).

      1: A Vivaldi              Concerto G major RV 493

      2:                        Concerto C major RV 471

      3:                        Concerto A minor RV 500

      4:                        Concerto D minor RV 481

      5:                        Concerto B major RV 504

      6:                        Concerto G minor RV 496


 ~~>  Milan Turkovic, bassoon, and Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, MSieghart. ORFEO C 223911 A (CD).

      1: W A Mozart             Concerto B flat major KV 191

      2: M Haydn                Concertino (from sinfonia B major Perger 52)

      3: H Villa-Lobos          Ciranda das sete notas

      4: J Francaix             Divertissement (1942)

      5: G Gershwin       (arr) Porgy and Bess (suite)


 ~~>  Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, and R Requejo, piano. Claves CD 50-9020.

      2: C Saint-Saens          Sonata op.168


~~>  Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, K Stoll, violone, och J E Dähler, fortepiano. Claves CD 50-9207.

      1: F Devienne             Sonata C major op.24:1

      2:                        Sonata G major op.24:2

      3:                        Sonata F major op.24:3

      4:                        Sonata C major op.24:4

      5:                        Sonata G minor op.24:5

      6:                        Sonata C major op.24:6


 ~~>   Eckart Hübner, bassoon, and Slovak Chamber Orchestra, B Warchal.
Cpo 999120-2 (CD).

      1: F Devienne             Concerto no.4

      2:                        Concerto no.2

      3:                        Concerto no.1

      4:                        Concerto B major (Mozart?)


  ~~>  Valeri Popov, bassoon. Olympia OCD 295 (CD).

      1: Y Kasparov             Sonataa-Infernale (1990)


 ~~>  Karl Otto Hartmann, bassoon, and Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra Bratislava, A Tamayo. Novalis 150096-2 (CD).

        2: C M von Weber        Concerto F major op.75 (JWV 127)


 ~~>  Karl Otto Hartmann (5) and Eberhard Buschmann (3), bassoon, and Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra Bratislava, A Tamayo. Novalis 150100-2 (CD).

        3: C M von Weber (arr)  Romanze appassionata

        5:                      Andante e Rondo Ungarese op.35 (JWV 79)


 ~~>  Arthur Weisberg, bassoon. CRYSTAL RECORDS S 343 (LP).

      1: J S Bach         (arr) Partita A minor BWV 1013

      2:                  (arr) Partita D minor BWV 1004

      3:                  (arr) Svit no.2 D minor BWV 1008


 ~~>  Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, and I Musici. PHILIPS 446066-2 (CD).

      1: A Vivaldi              Concerto F major RV 491

      2:                        Concerto A minor RV 499

      3:                        Concerto E minor RV 484

      4:                        Concerto G major RV 494

      5:                        Concerto G minor RV 495

      6:                        Concerto D minor RV 482

      7:                        Concerto C major RV 472


 ~~>   Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, and B Canino, piano.
PHILIPS 442795-2 (CD).

      3: N Skalkottas           Sonata Concertante


 ~~> Klaus Thunemann, bassoon,  and Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Sir N Marriner. PHILIPS 446096-2 (CD).

       1: F Berwald             Concert Piece Fmajor (1827)

       2: J W Kalliwoda        Variations and Rondo B flat major op. 57

       3: C Kreutzer            Variations B flat major

       4: E Elgar              Romance op.62

       5: F David              Concertino B flat major op.12

       6: B H Crusell           Concertino B flat major


 ~~>  Dag  Jensen, bassoon,  and Kölner Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester, W A Albert. CAPRICCIO 10579 (CD).

       1: W A Mozart            Concerto B flat major KV 191

       2: J N Hummel            Concerto F major

       3: A Jolivet            Concerto for bassoon, harpa, piano and string


       4: J Francaix            Divertissement for bassoon and string quintet


 ~~ > Milan Tukovic, bassoon, and I Solisti Italiano. DENON CO-77528 (CD).

       1: A Vivaldi             Concerto E minor RV 484

       2:                       Concerto B flat major RV 501 ”La Notte”

       3:                       Concerto C minor RV 480

       4:                       Concerto A minor RV 498

       5:                       Concerto C major RV 478


  ~~ >  Valeri Popov, bassoon, and Russian State Symphony Orchestra, V Polyansky. CHANDOS CHAN 9656 (CD).

        1: W A Mozart           Concerto B flat major

        2: C M von Weber        Andante e Rondo Ungarese op.35 (JWV 79)

        3:                      Concerto F major op.75 (JWV 127)

        4: J N Hummel           Concerto F major


 ~~> C Weait, bassoon, M Bartow, cello, N Harper, harpsichord, K B Jones and C J Kirchhoff, flute. d´Note CLASSICS DND 1008 (CD).

        1: G P Telemann         Sonata F minor for bassoon and B.c

                                (TWV 41: f 1)

        2:                (arr) Fantasia no.1 C major for bassoon (TWV 40: 2)

        3:                (arr) Canonic sonata no.2  F major for bassoon and  

      cello (TWV 40: 120)

        4:                (arr) Fantasia no.10 A minor for bassoon
      (TWV 40: 9)

        5:                (arr) Trio F major for flute, bassoon and B.c

                                (TWV 12: F 3)

        6:                (arr) Fantasia no.8 G minor for bassoon (TWV 40: 9)

        7:                (arr) Duo sonata no.4 for bassoon and cello

                                (TWV 40: 104)

        8:                (arr) Fantasia no.3 D minor for bassoon (TWV 40: 4)

        9:                      Quartet D minor for bassoon, 2 flutes and B.c

                                (TWV 43: d 1)


 ~~ > Maria De Martini, bassoon, J Gamerith, violin, P Aigner, viola, and L Peverini, cello. SYMPHONIA SY 96150 (CD).

        1: F Devienne           Quartet op.73:1

        3:                      Quartet op.73:3

        5:                      Quartet op.73:2


 ~~>  Dag Jensen, bassoon, and M Kitagawa, piano. DABRINGHAUS UND GRIMM MDG 6030831-2 (CD).

        1: P Hindemith          Sonata

        2: O Berg               Vertigo for bassoon solo (1992)

        3: O Schoeck            Sonata op.41

        4: O Berg               Sonatine (1995)

        5: O Nussio             Variazioni su un`Arietta di Pergolesi

        6: I Yun                Monologue

        7: M Schoof             Two Impromptus (1993)

  ~~>  Otto Seifert (1-7) and Sol Schoenbach (1,2,6 and 7), bassoon.

       GASPARO GSS-2007 (CD).

        1: F Devienne           Duo op.3:2

        2: I Szelenyi           Suite

        3: Karel Reiner         Zaznamy

        4: G Jacob              Partita

        5: M Arnold             Fantasy

        6: K AlmeNoäder         Duo op.10:1

        7: F Mignone            Le Sonata


   ~~> Bernard Garfield, bassoon, and Philadelphia Orchestra, E Ormandy. SONY SBK 62652 (CD).  
        3: W A Mozart           Concerto B flat major KV 191

        4: C M von Weber        Andante e Rondo Ungarese op.35 (JWV 158)


 ~~>  Jaako Luoma(5 and 7-8), bassoon, and Vekotin Bassoon Ensemble (6-8).

    FUGA 9102 (CD).

       5: J Kaipainen           Serenade: Full Moon, Lunatic Bassoon op.42  


       6: K Lintinen            Septet (1993 and 1998)

       7: A Takalo              Princess in the frozen Garden (1996)

       8: Y Hjelt               Tango for seven Bassoons (1993)



 ~~> Christopher Millard, bassoon, and CBC Vancouver Orchestra, M Bernardi. CBC Records SMCD 5185 (CD).

  1:E Wolf-Ferrari              Suite Concertino F major op.16 for Bassoon,

                                String Orchestra and 2 horns (1933)

  2: O Nussio                   Variations on an air by Pergolesi for Bassoon

                                and String Orchestra (1953?)

  3: F Donatoni                 Concerto for Bassoon and String Orchestra     


  4: N Rota <take note here-this Rota composition is special>     

       Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (1977)                        


 ~~>  The Caliban Quartet(Nadina Mackie Jackson, Kathleen McLean, Christopher Millard, bassoon and Fraser Jackson, basson and contrabassoon), B Douglas, piano, M Duggan (1,2,4,7,17), percussion, and K Crossan (10), Celtic singer. BIS Northern Lights CD-5012.

        1: B Douglas            Feast

        2:                      Banana

        3: Sir P Maxwell

           Davies         (arr) Farewell to Stromness

        4: B Douglas            Highland

        5: I Berlin       (arr) Steppin´ Out with My Baby

        6: A Piazzola     (arr) Tango melancolico

        7: B Douglas            Funk for Spain

        8: R Scott        (arr) Powerhouse             

        9: Sir P Maxwell

           Davies         (arr) Yesnaby Ground

       10: Mr Canavan     (arr) The Emigrant´s Farewell

       11: M Lussier            Valstango

       12: M Mozetich           Good Times (Odes to the Americas)

       13:                      Blue Souls (Odes to the Americas)

       14:                      With You I Dance (Odes to the Americas)    

       15: B Douglas            Jewel

       16: M Lussier            Bassango

       17: R Scott        (arr) Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals

          <note the arrangement of this Raymond Scott piece !! >


 ~~> Karl-Otto Hartmann, bassoon, Prager Kammerorchester, M Lajcík.

      ORFEO C 170021 A (CD).

        4: A Reicha             Thema und Variationen G major


 ~~>  Albrecht Holder, bassoon, and New Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra, N Pasquet.

      NAXOS 8.555341 (CD).

        1: A Rosetti            Concerto B flat major (Murray C73)

        2:                               B flat major (Murray C69)

        3:                               F major (Murray C75)

        4:                               B flat major (Murray C74)


 ~~> Klaus Thunemann, bassoon, and I Musici.

        PHILIPS DUO 475 233-2 (CD).

        1: A Vivaldi            Concerto a minor RV 497

        2:                               C major RV 473

        3:                              G major RV 493

        4:                               C major RV 471

        5:                              a minor RV 500

        6:                              d minor RV 481

        7:                              B flat major RV 504

        8:                              g minor RV 496

        9:                              G major RV 492

       10:                              B flat major RV 503

       11:                              F major RV 491

       12:                              a minor RV 499

       13:                              e minor RV 484

       14:                              G major RV 494

       15:                              g minor RV 495

       16:                              d minor RV 482

       17:                              C major RV 472