Consultant services are a good investment with Tim Price!
Get the answers you need now, over the phone from Tim.

Working with an experienced-educator-musician can make your process easier.
Services can range from work such as equipment review, such as mouthpieces, reeds, and what horn might serve your musical needs best.AS well as school negotiations, via your educational pursuits or even ideas to bounce off Tim for your gigs.

A professional evaluation like this can save you hundreds of dollars, and only take minutes !! I'm a open minded SELMER clinician, on the staff of the New School University in NYC and a working professional. See my bio at ;

You can get a TELEPHONE CONSULTANTION or an online Saxophone lesson.
(all ages and skill level)
You send me an Mp3 of something you recorded. Be it a mouthpiece Vs mouthpiece issue, or a musical weak point that needs strength via musical guidance. I'll assess you, along with detailed ideas of what you need to accomplish, and make suggestions on your next steps to study. I'll give you study ideas, ways to organize your practice time for your lifestyle. I give you a lesson plan based on what is the most important thing for you to accomplish at this point in your schedule/musical life. Also, a lot of students have no idea of what horns and mouthpieces are available, and how that kind of decision with horns and mouthpieces could help you immediately.

This also apples to the questions of-WHAT HORN SHOULD I BUY?

You are getting a personalized lesson. I give you the benefit of what you'd get studying with me in person. I get paid with Paypal so it's easy to take care of the payment.
25 DOLLARS FOR 20 MINUTES, with no rushed feeling of time.

I look forward to hearing from you and I take a personal investment in your progress.

How this works is simple. You pay PAYPAL 25 dollars.

Then PAYPAL sends me the invoice. In the meantime you send me your phone number and questions with any MP3's you need evaluated to - TIMPRICEJAZZ@AOL.COM

Let me know what times are best to call, and I call you !

Couldn't be easier-Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you - Tim Price

$25 USD