I am a spontaneous candle

I am a spontaneous candle in a forgotten time
alone in a unforsaken world
hearing a song of hope from.....roland kirk, john handy,
greg bandy, gary bartz, carol chaikin, bennie maupin,
scott lee, pz, tony coe, jennifer hall, bergonzi, andy mcghee,
jenny hill, miles donahue, claire daly, danny hull, lydia pense,
rachel z, xiques, billy james, lipsius..
charlie banacos ...all..in a forgotten time
I wonder if the wind will come and blow my light away
dreams in a forgotten time singing in my ear
I see the moon reaching to muzzle me in a forgotten time
luminous candle light in a forgotten time
alone on a cold floor in a empty bare shaft
hear me hear us , see our light
candles in a dark room waiting for the doors to be opened
open it for me ... open it again for ernie watts, christlleb, dick
johnson, eric kloss, martino, mariano, ira sullivan, george braith

open it for Nancy curtis
open it for Kenny hing
open it for woodford wallin' at the stars nite and day
open it for vince wallace ...tenor demon that he is
always alone in a spontaneous forgotten time
bebop and roses and never to be forgotten sounds
notes from the underground
so much work to be done in a forgotten time
naked and alone dressed in soundshapes
thinking of the forgetfulness around us
when will it stop
I am a spontaneous candle in a forgotten time.

©Price Wordsongs