Dreams From Behind A Music Stand

How beautiful
that evening....
right from the start
How beautifully romantic
was the music of the heart
Soft melodies...
Porter, Gershwin & Berlin
inspired by imagination
behind a dream filled music stand

... I took a chance,
as the notes filled the air...

Her answer was like a bell
like a wish coming true...
melodies against the sky
for anyone to hear.

Oh, how my mind began to wander
setting all those thoughts so free
for in the magic of the music
she belonged to me.....

Our arms around each other
her body close to mine
above all else I wished
that she could read my mind

As the music toold of feelings
our eyes began to mist
And in the weakness of the moment
I wanted to know her kiss,and
Not wanting her to stray
As her heart beat against my chest
it took my breath away

An evening of such ...
telling her
how beautiful she is ..
from the melodies I play...

How I wanted to whisper to her
the secrets of my heart
But my mind was filled with fear
that this night would fall apart
So like a dream was
the night she danced with me
thoughts of knowing her..

perhaps she'll never know.....
I still hear the music
...and my mind hasn't let her go.

©Price Wordsongs