Of Course, Of Course...

  A Tim Price wordsong....

 for Charles Lloyd...


   This mans career speaks volumes !
    To me , his tenor saxophone playing is a
    treasure of purest thought.
   The power in his message , coupled with his spiritual
   force , defines the essence of creativity at it's
   highest level.

    Charles buoyancy and brimming energy are infectious.
    What he has achieved - is the testament of a free
    spirit who grew thru the inspirations and influences
    of tradition to find within himself his own kind of
    musical paradise .

   Last year, I went to Montgomery Community College outside Philly to hear my deep inspiration Charles Lloyd.
   I've been on the path of visiting Charles music "live" as much as I can.
   I  heard him in " North Sea" in the Hague, I had my artist pass, because I was playing there myself , the inspiration flowed.

   And last winter at the start of this year I heard him  at the "Blue Note" in NyC.
    The band w/ Geri Allen, Robert Hurst & Eric Harland..is exactly that- a solid
   ~WORKING~band that plays together. A lesson as well.......WORKING BAND. Dig that.

  To use a term Charles uses to describe the music when it's really burning and
   happening..." They are up in there".
   That same term...could be used for Charles.

   The moment he walks on the bandstand...YOU CAN FEEL IT.
    It's like watching the sun come up!!! And, you know as your watching...a
   journey IS going to happen.

    :::::: A  JOURNEY..YES :::::::

    This music Charles is into is a story renewed and revitalized. The man’s
   voice is without a doubt essential to every era of jazz he's been involved in.
   You can go and just listen to the warmth and joie de vive as he wraps his sound
   around the rollicking, blues -tinged “Third Floor Richard”. 

   When Charles Lloyd plays the blues- LOOK OUT. Memphis here you come ! (smile) 

    Mr. Lloyds voice has rarely sounded so committed and assured.But that has
   always been his stance!! COMMITTMENT.
    When he put his instruments to his mouth...WOW. I can only say that I know why
 I've been digging this man all my life musically. 
    His ART has touched my heart.

     Lloyd’s voice on flute has taken on a deeper, darker hue.Last night he was
   using an alto flute and the sound dimension was  seamless and energizing.

    The blues feeling is ever-present in all he does and as I said..It's like watching
    the sun come up.

      On other gigs I've heard him play the living daylights out of a TARAGGATO. 
      That instrument that has a cool story to it.
      Charles describes it in his unique manner as a gypsy came to his hotel in 
      Hungary with the instrument- what a vibe that
      Other times~I dug him playing a Chinese instrument called a ~ SONA ~
      Most often called a musette.

     The sound of his tenor sax is just perfect. He is- UP IN THERE.

      There was a part of a duo between Charles and Jeri Allen on piano
      on his tune.." Sweet Georgia Bright"...that he just went to a place that is
      not visited by many saxophone players these days.
      Then the band comes in and he just put the burn on- AND KEEPS IT THERE .
      His use of motifs as improv building blocks in his solos is something to
     study. He never crowds a solo with so many notes that it sounds like it's so dense
    you cant't hear the fabric of his thoughts.
    YET- he really has some amazing sax chops and the stuff he plays just knocks
     me out.

      While John Abercrombie is as consistent and alluring as always, the real
      surprise is Jeri Allen; Allen has always been an excellent pianist, but this
      set places her in a more experimental context, and she confidently meets the
      challenge head-on.
       And there is no lack of swing; with a bassist and drummer like Robert Hurst &
      Eric Harland it's there in aces.
     What makes this band outstanding is the aforementioned empathy; this is no
     simple case of a band where one player supports the other; this is a constant
     conversation between sympaticos, with each player making suggestions to the
     other, and the other providing both response and further direction.

     Charles Lloyd is more than just a saxophone player.
    He's a man who has committed his life to enhancing jazz through originality and
     honesty.I can only tell you
     that you need to hear him.If you don't..it's your loss.

      This_LEGEND_ is really playing something......... 

     Go dig him back in the 60s with Chico Hamilton or Cannonball. He came up in
      an era when you had to be yourself &  be playing OR you heard about it from the other musicians.

      Right there-on the gig.Old school, the only school.

     After the gig Charles & I got a chance to talk about the music and life.I sat
    with him as he expounded about many things;

   - His love of Prez
   - How every show he's played on this tour has been sold out.
   - His love of Conn tenors...and how Prez "comes to visit him" when he plays
     the Conn tenor
   -How he wanted to marry Ladyday as a young boy. 

      He sat signing autographs at the skirt of the stage....warmly shaking peoples
      hands and really glad people came out.

      I mean...lets face it...that record " Of Course, Of Course"...hearing it as a
      teenager just made me realize many things.

      Other things Charles talked about were...a new ECM duo record recorded in his
      home in Big Sur with him a Master Billy Higgins.
       Which will also be out on DVD!! Both are coming out soon.
      But.....the MUSIC.....I haven't heard anyone playing like that in a long

    Charles is one of the deep springs of tenor saxophone
    concept / lineage ....and in a deep spring you always find
    the purest water.



  @2005/all rights/Price Wordsongs