Tim Price Professional guidance...

provides an ongoing partnership designed to help musicians of all ages and levels weather pro or just a person who needs more direction, to produce fulfilling results in their musical lives. My goal is to help you improve performances and enhance the quality of your musical vision and goals.

I listen and observe and customize a solid approach that the individual needs. Together we will seek solutions and strategies that are creative and resourceful. My job on this SKYPE lesson is to provide support to enhance the skills, and creativity. Talk to me, get a direction on a gig, band solution, instrument issue or music question, no question to small or project to large- TOGETHER we will open creative doors.

Do you have a desire for :

  • A change in musical direction.
  • More satisfying communication within your role in the bands you play in.
  • A role from thinking about challenges to taking action and moving forward-AND KEEPING YOUR MIND SET THERE.
  • Increased fulfillment in music and the understanding of music.
  • Gaining better clarity and focus about what you want in music.
  • A road to being proactive in your life within music and also practice.
  • Setting priorities so you can deal with things properly, direction in school choice, course selection, instruments and anything you need to accomplish.

    Let me help you, develop natural confidence, by knowing answers that you need to know. I will be in your corner without judgement, and remember your vision , and who champion your dreams and forward motion. This is open to all instruments, all levels and ages. The goal will be an open ended rapport that will answer questions and give direction.

    Let's connect on SKYPE , and move into designing a guidance relationship that best meets your needs. Take advantage of Tim Price's 35 plus years of teaching, performing, recording & writing experience. Connect with me @ Timpricejazz@aol.com

    In order to take advantage of this new lesson format you must ensure you have the following at your disposal;

    A web cam capable of use with Skype Broadband Internet access Skype, A PC or MAC capable of running all of the above

    FEE - Contact Tim @ Timpricejazz@aol.com for most current fee info.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you - Tim Price