Advanced Pentatonic Lessons on Skype w/ Tim Price


These Advanced Pentatonic Lessons highlights a positive and fun way out of the cliche dilemma.

Relevant to many chord types and rhythm ideas as well. Knowledge/ methodology/approach.

These deal with theoretical as well as " hands on" work.

First, A seemingly crystal-clear concept is introduced.

Second, illustrative findings using many chord types are given.

Findings the vital importance of the cliche dilemma " may trigger further research on your own- in short you'll have lots to practice. For a long time.

EG- C, Eb , E, F#, G#, C - Works on- C7 alt, Bbminor7 b5

Or- C, Db, Eb, Fb, Gb, C - Works on C7, Eb7 and A7

And- C, D, G, A, b , C Works on D7 sus 4, D minor 7.

These are just a few of the hundreds I can share with you.

Practical implications- you can use these in any style of music. Jazz, Rock, R&B. IT'S PERSONAL AND ON THAT CREATIVE TIP.

A great tool for stimulating creativity and innovative mind sets harmonically. Most of these you can use immediately. You still have to write out examples and YOUR OWN choices within the theory of it.

NOTE for these lessons on Pentatonics - you need to be on a intermediate-advanced level. For these lessons only; AND- You should be able to play all keys, know general piano voicing for this and understand harmonic function. Eg- b5, #4 , Sus 4 #9...etc


Under the direction of Tim Price, SKYPE sax lessons on every level and beyond.All of this takes place in your own home via SKYPE and at a time that works for you. This is a unique educational environment with Tim Price that offers outstanding opportunities for creative development.

TO DO THESE LESSONS...You must have a webcam, SKYPE and Pay Pal. Learn on line from recording artist, author and jazz educator. ( New School Jazz Dept. and Long Island University, and Selmer & Rico clinician) Take advantage of Tim Price's 35 plus years of teaching, performing, recording & writing experience. Step by step online videos to help you improve your playing at a logical pace. On screen spoken help explaining how to reach your next level.

My study plan is very organized and there is a high level of results at all levels. I try to encompass all the styles that are happening today, all the way from technique on the early levels to what's going on today. Let's get started now!

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