These SKYPE sessions with Tim Price are informal and relaxed, yet highly structured. If you are a novice improvisor or even a pro who has always felt there was more to learn, you'll truly enjoy these lessons. Hands-on "Real World" Learning , you'll more than simply learn-you'll do. By gaining new knowledge you'll create momentum that can transform your musical future. You'll sustain results. You'll discover multiple ways to produce real, sustainable results.

Imagine.... The sound and ideas musically you've always dreamed of with no barriers or boundaries. Being able to put to use songs, concepts, ideas and expand your playing by HARD WORK, knowledge rich with success and achievement, and a deep sense of musical fulfillment.

UNCHAIN THE POWER IN YOUR JAZZ PLAYING... move beyond limiting beliefs and blocks, and accomplish goals and realize true musical desires, turning improvisational dreams into reality. Play better as a performer that produces a quantum difference with solid and knowledge in your musical agendas.

These "hands on" lessons teach you to have the courage to dream of even more and the knowledge,to make it real. This is where inspiration and serious study converge to produce results that will change your playing.

These are the topics of study that Tim Price has studied and developed for decades. Tim Price is developing a custom teaching program where you'll discover and implement change using the same tools, techniques that have been tools of the masters.

Study = Results

Now is the time to....change your playing and get results.

Its time go to the next level. Act now!
The techniques that SELMER and RICO clinician Tim Price integrates into his jazz curriculum for his personal students worldwide are available here. Right now-ON LINE right on SKYPE!

Check out the various SKYPE Lessons, listed here, and E mail Tim @ to get billed thru Pay Pal and get started now.

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Saxophone instruction - ANY LEVEL

Tim Price Live Online Lessons

Personalized Lessons in your home.
Using Skype.
Learn on line from recording artist, author and jazz educator.
( New School Jazz Dept. and Long Island University, and Selmer & Rico clinician)

I will listen to you play, make suggestions & offer practice regimens. My online lessons will focus your practicing for maximum progress towards creating immediate results. My approach is simple.
It combines discipline, creativity & with musical knowledge. Your playing is examined in real time, on line, by Tim Price.Then you are assisted to reach a new goal right there from Tim !

Take advantage of Tim Price's 35 plus years of teaching, performing, recording & writing experience. Step by step online videos to help you improve your playing at a logical pace. On screen spoken help explaining how to reach your next level.

Technical Considerations
Lesson Types
Other Notes
Technical Considerations

In order to take advantage of this new lesson format you must ensure you have the following at your disposal;

A web cam capable of use with Skype
Broadband Internet access
A PC or MAC capable of running all of the above

Lesson Types

Tier 1 - jazz saxophone lesson

I always ask my students what their favorite music is, are and what their goals are. I have goals for them, too, but almost everyone has some personal goals. Use the visualization of what's inside you as a player-learner and let that bloom to the best you can. That provides everything. Life expands every day, day to day. If you let it, music does the same thing as well.

My study plan is very organized and there is a high level of results at all levels. I try to encompass all the styles that are happening today, all the way from technique on the early levels to what's going on today. Although I work with all music, my focus is on what's happening now—with you as a student- which keeps me on my toes. It's really kind of the foundation that all musicians strive for.

Tier 2 - Gear Lesson

This is a gear lesson.
This is to work out the kinks with a new mouthpiece or to pick some gear that accents the best intentions for you for where you are at currently as a saxophonist. Any level any age any genre. If you've got a problem and you need an answer and a second set of ears, this is for you.

You email and we set up a time to meet on skype, after PAY PAL payment goes through.

Technology is a huge part of what we do. To be successful, you have to be savvy with technology. The better your sound, the better your chance of getting heard and hired. That's why a large part of learning the applications, so students can create and edit their own sounds. Knowing the proper tools as mouthpieces and reeds via the right horns are essential.

Tier 3 - Beginner and Intermediate Students

This lesson is geared only for beginning and intermediate students looking for someone to teach them. If you can't find a teacher or your schedule is so busy that this seems like the best avenue for you to take, check it out. Guaranteed results. This is a forty minute lesson payable for four lessons at once.

You email me at and we set up a time to meet on skype, after PAY PAL payment goes through.

Other Notes of interest

Sometimes in this complex digital world, unforeseen technical problems may arise. In this case we will work together to find a solution. What makes my teaching distinctive is that I'm a professional— I do what I teach.
My approach is centered, focused on helping each student develops professionally as a musician as well as develop as a person.

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