This course or workshop is designed for both the classically-trained bassoonist and reed doublers to focus on jazz techniques and feel which are vital and appropriate to the different jazz styles (i.e. swing, bop, straight-eighth, funk, blues, rock etc.) and includes exercises and a jazz listening list -discography to enhance the education and conception of the bassoonist.

This course is designed to show the student how to take the next step towards developing one's own conception on jazz bassoon. Through writing out examples and composition, listening and analysis serious students can acquire tools useful for this creative and fun pursuit. I also assist in the proper use of the electronics and the study of how to use the various pedals-effects and proper amps, pick-ups and technical issues.

Under the direction of Tim Price, SKYPE bassoon lessons on every level and beyond. All of this takes place in your own home via SKYPE and at a time that works for you. This is a unique educational environment with Tim Price that offers outstanding opportunities for creative development.

These lessons are suitable for all ages and levels with the primary requirement a personal commitment to self-improvement.

TO DO THESE LESSONS...You must have a web cam, SKYPE and Pay Pal.

FEE - Contact Tim @ Timpricejazz@aol.com for most current fee info.

Email me to get started ; Timpricejazz@aol.com